After Pitti, other fairs for (Verba) and our backpack

I nostri zaini al verba white show

After the success at Pitti, which we already told you about, actually, we illustrated it, (Verba) continues to achieve success everywhere it goes.

Immediately after Pitti, there’s been the White Show in Milano (from the 20th to the 22nd of June) and a couple of weeks later, Premium Berlin: from the 8th to the 10th of July in the German capital.
They left their mark everywhere and it seems that even the backpack created together in great demand... So much, there are no left for the next stop: the Magic Platform in Las Vegas, where Federico will launch his line in the US.

So, what can we say? Good luck to (Verba) for the next few weeks and thanks again for agreeing on putting their name next to ours, in a concept that surely we should reproduce!

Verba al White Show di Milano
Zaini Verba-Ceitex al White Show
Lo stand (Verba) con gli zaini Ceitex al White Show 2015.
Stand (Verba) a Premium Berlin