Ceitex-Italia thinks even about the automotive industry

Coprivolante in tessuto non tessuto

In the Autumn/Winter 2016-2017 collection there’s room for the automotive field: we’ve designed a steering wheel cover made of nonwoven fabric.

We’ve started from the idea of protecting the car’s steering wheel before its delivery to the client. But the same concept can be applied to other parts, such as alloy wheels.

We decided to use nonwoven fabric because its great qualities seemed the best for this kind of product:
- it’s water-repellent, therefore it can be applied while the finishing touches are being put to the car;
- it’s resistant to temperature leaps, therefore it provides protection even in case of not ideal conditions during shipping
- it’s not abrasive, it caresses the surface while it protects it. 

All these characteristics in one, sole material which can be very light: an extremely important feature especially if it’s sent and shipped in large quantities.
This doesn’t mean that the concept of the steering wheel cover can’t be designed in other materials, maybe choosing the fabrics matching the car’s interior, in order make it more precious to the eyes of the new, lucky owner.