Promotional shoppers: let your customers take you around!

Shopper promozionale circle

The shopper as a promotional gadget is a great, timeless, classic. And fittingly: it is not easy to find something that is so practical and handy at the same time!
It is practical for those who receive it: is there anything more practical than a bag for putting all the other gadgets in?
It is handy for those who give it as a present: is there anything better than someone carrying your brand around over their a shoulder, maybe in different places and for a lot of time?

Compared to a gadget alone, it lasts and it survives the event for which it was made. Think of it as your ally in conveying the right message. Don't just think about the graphics, the shape and fabric say something about you and your product, too.

Paper or fabric?

We see many promotional shoppers around, both paper and fabric.
Paper has the advantage of having better quality graphics: it guarantees perfect results in terms of clarity and detail, but fabric lasts considerably longer.
Therefore, the choice between the two materials depends on the type of promotion and its duration. Paper, to achieve a striking graphic effect, has to instantly catch the eye, as in the launch of a new product or a limited offer; fabric for the durable communication of a brand, for example.

Stimulating tactile memory

The shopper is an object that enables you to play even with tactile memory: the chosen material will be fundamental in creating a tangible memory linking you and your object.
So play even with the choice of the fabric in order to convey what you are and what you are promoting. Cotton or jute canvas for a natural product line and nylon for technical fabrics.

We have seen them in all shapes and colours: we will be your allies in the search of the perfect solution!

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